Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kuwaiti Youth Attack Our Cab

It was Tuesday night in Fahaheel, just got a cab from Al Kout Mall. Traffic galore & then a red light. Out the window to our right are these Kuwaiti kids who come up to our window. My boyfriend starts making faces at them & they pretend to be tough. He pretends like he's going to get out of the car & beat them up ahaha. The kids run but then come back. One kid pulls out a knife! Shows it off & puts it back in its sheath. Then I see another kid have a sandal in his hand ahahaha! Those kids were crazy! Funny too but definitely had no manners.

When I got out the camera to start filming they then became shy & tried to hide their faces. Then they start getting vulgar & start throwing out obscene hand gestures that can get you arrested in Kuwait. Some kid even grabs his junk like Michael Jackson (as you will see in the footage). THEN, as we start to take off, they bang on the car.

Kuwaiti kids.....learn some manners young men! But boys will be boys....ahahaa

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