Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Kuwaitis Plot Attack on US Forces in Kuwait

Another report about terror attacks against US Forces in Kuwait has been released on The Arab Times yesterday. I have also written about past articles in related incidents. There are terrorists that have been targeting US Military Bases in Kuwait (and God knows who &what else), Camp Arifjan being one of the main targets.

Camp Arifjan is the largest US military installation in Kuwait. It is also the nicest, located in Southern Kuwait. I do not work on Camp Arifjan, I work on another installation. Nonetheless the threat of a terror attack against any US installation or person of interest is real.

If you want to read my previous posts about what has been happening in Kuwait, go Here and Here. Those are 2 different blog posts where I share about the threat of terrorism in Kuwait that are all related to what you will read below.

And now, onto presenting yet ANOTHER incident reported regarding terror plots.

From the Arab Times:

Three Kuwaitis Thought To Plot Attacks On US ForcesData Share To Crack Networks
KUWAIT CITY, June 19: "The security authorities recently summoned three Kuwaitis for interrogation after their names surfaced during interrogations by the Public Prosecution with some suspects in the State Security cases involving incidents in Failaka and Arifjan, reports Al-Rai daily quoting top-level security sources.
The same sources said the three citizens are believed to be involved in planning terrorist attacks against the US forces.

The sources added the three Kuwaitis not only provided shelter to the main accused in the aforementioned State Security cases but also vehicles and advanced wireless devices, in addition to helping them establish links with members of terrorist cells in other Arab and Gulf states.

The sources also said some of those involved in this terrorist network traveled to the Gulf and Arab states using forged passports and identification documents to hide their real identities.

The sources added the three Kuwaitis almost evaded arrest because they have obtained Smart Cards to travel between the Gulf states.

The sources confirmed the security authorities in Kuwait have sent confidential information about some suspects — GCC citizens and other Arabs — who travel frequently between the Arab states, including details of work they have carried out in the past, to their counterparts in other countries to help eliminate these networks."

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