Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If You're Against 'Hearing' Then You're DEAF & IGNORANT

No, not literally. And to the Deaf community, I do not equate being deaf with ignorance. I am talking about the controversial Congressional Hearing on Muslim Radicalization in America. The hearing, hosted by chairman of the committee, Representative Peter King (D-NY), is investigating the threat posed by homegrown Muslim terrorists. "At this stage in our history, there is an effort to radicalize elements within the Muslim community," Rep. King said on CNN's "State of the Union" this weekend. There has been an outcry by Muslim Americans criticizing the congressional committee for singling out the Muslim community as posing a threat to the country.

On Sunday, more than 500 protesters gathered in New York City's Time Square in opposition to the hearing. And one of the only two Muslims in the Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) has compared the hearing to a modern-day witch hunt.

I know that in most of my blogs I come across as a hater & bigot. I do NOT hate Muslims. Nor do I dislike them. 'Muslims' are people who have contributed to science, to education, to medicine, and are kind neighbors- in America at least. I can't talk about the Muslims who actually followed their Imam's decree to "kill all Christians" in a village south of Cairo simply because HE believes "they don't belong here." Don't believe me? Check out the article here:

No, I am not against people. I am against the Islamic doctrine. This doctrine forms the culture, laws, traditions, & minds of people. Hey, if jihad = murder then stay in your Muslim country & do it there, but don't come to America to carry out your spiritual obligation of murder whilst taking advantage of American freedoms that let you inside the country in the first place. People who do such things- regardless of their religion or lack thereof, remind me of these words:"Do not use your freedom as a cloak for VICE."

Also, we can have endless discussions about gang violence, racism, psycho mothers killing their own children, Clergy repulsively sexually abusing children, etc. but let's tackle one issue at a time. In this case, it's the Radicalization of Islam that has taken credit for terror attacks. ***END DISCLAIMER***

Question: Are there homegrown sleeper/terror cells in America? Well.....???? GOOGLE it. The answer is a big YES.
According to one CIA analyst I spoke with last week, al Qaeda sleeper cells are embedded in most U.S. cities with sizable Islamic communities. “Why do you think 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta traveled to Maine the night before the attacks?” asked the analyst. The obvious answer, he explained, was that Atta was meeting with a “handler” to receive final instructions. There is no doubt, explained the analyst, that thousands of al Qaeda sleeper agents, including conspirators involved in the Sept. 11 attacks, remain in the country.

These covert networks are ticking time bombs that wield the capacity and hatred to carry out acts worse than 9/11. What’s shocking, explained the analyst, is not the existence of this widespread covert network, but that law enforcement has largely been neutered in its response. According to the analyst, “the Agency” knows where most terrorist cells are located in the United States. But their hands are tied until the cells actually “go hot,” or move into action.

Obviously, this is not the most effective way to combat terrorism. The most effective way to prevent another 9/11 style attack is to root it out before it even starts. That means taking advantage of the modern intelligence we have and abducting members of domestic terrorist cells before — not after — they “go hot.”

The Christmas Day attempt by Mr. Abdulmutallab to detonate a bomb aboard a crowded Northwest Airlines flight should serve as a stark reminder of the threat presented by these cells. Though the New York Times is reporting that Mr. Abdulmutallab acted alone, the evidence suggests the opposite. Mr. Abdulmutallab studied in London, trained at Yemeni camps and departed from Holland to America. The obvious implication is that terrorist cells are interconnected.

It is equally clear that al Qaeda’s desire to deliver mass murder to America has not weakened in the nine years since Osama bin Laden declared the Sept. 11 attacks a “glorious success” and called for a “thousand more operations like these.” Since then, there have been at least 29 foiled terror plots against the United States.

According to ABC News, Mr. Abdulmutallab told interrogators that he was one of many bombers being groomed by al Qaeda to blow up American-bound aircraft.

Question: When an attack against American's as a people occur (there's a big difference when an individual is attacked when it's a personal vendetta, gang related violence, or a victim of a cereal killer/rapist/theft/assault), who is responsible? In the case of terrorism, there is almost ALWAYS SOMEONE or an organization, who claims credit for the atrocities committed.

Question: Was this particular attack related to the last? Yes, b/c the same person or organization also claimed responsibility. OR, an affiliated organization or person claimed responsibility. How do we know they're affiliates? They always claim ties. What are those ties? A common ideology of Islam- 'radicalized.' Even President Obama has stated,
"It is clear that al Qaeda increasingly seeks to recruit individuals without known terrorist affiliations ... to do their bidding. ... And that's why we must communicate clearly to Muslims around the world that al Qaeda offers nothing except a bankrupt vision of misery and death ...

Question: Why did Obama single out Muslims? Was he being a bigot when he said the above statement? Surely he is an Islamophobe?

"To acknowledge motive is not remotely to imply legitimacy or justification. In fact, the opposite is true: pretending motive doesn't exist legitimizes it more than acknowledging (and refuting) it would, since that fantasyland behavior creates the impression that one is afraid of its being aired and heard," wrote Glenn Greenwald at in his Jan 9, 2010 column

Question: Aside from the Oklahoma City Bomber who was considered a terrorist, the majority of considered 'terrorists' who attack America, Americans, & American Embassies in other nations, what is their motivation?

We know that they train- on & outside, US soil, to kill Americans. We know that there are ties all over the world that have links IN America. We know that their motivation is religious- Jihad- or to be POLITICALLY CORRECT "masked by the religion of Islam." I hate being politically correct. Yes I know it's not polite, but it's NOT the truth. People who like to be politically correct are ignorant. They want to shut their ears from hearing anything they claim is "hatred" & "bigoted" when the facts are FACTS. Those same people think we can live in some KUMBAYA world if we just TOLERATE each other. SURE, maybe YOU can tolerate 'them' THEM, you're still an INFIDEL at the end of the day.

Now, I'm sorry to American Muslims who have to be inconvenienced at airports or stared at because of your beautiful hijabs (not being sarcastic, I've seen some GORGEOUS hijabs on women). I'm sorry that when you kneel to pray outside where you are visible, you become intriguing. I'm sorry that some people DO hate you. I'm sorry that soldiers who have lost limbs & fellow comrades also hate you b/c of their experiences in the recent wars fighting individuals motivated by their Muslim faith (from an American soldier's perspective).

The part where it gets TRICKY, is the fact that since these terrorists are Muslim, they can hide within the Muslim community in America- as is a factual occurrence. Whether or not ALL mosques are cooperating with the FBI, I don't know. Is that important? Given the fact that murderers are glorified Martyrs for Islam, I think it is the responsibility of EVERY Mosque in America to cooperate with the FBI. Not doing so only seems to implicate them of supporting, spreading, or harboring terrorism.

Folks, it's like we see 2 different faces of Islam. A Western version & Eastern version. We see the Eastern version conquer countries that oppress the minority religions, burn churches, kill Christians & Hindus. Some Muslim countries do not give women the same types of rights women in the West point? The West does not want the Eastern version of Islam and THAT my friends, is what America is afraid of. Most terrorists come from the Eastern version of Islam, share their version with Western muslims, and then engage. And in one case at least- it was an American-born muslim who actually got the radicalized Eastern version of Islam right on American soil.

Yes, America is a country where we celebrate freedom of religion. But where do we draw the line when an ideology motivates murder?

I support the hearing in NY b/c it is about ASKING questions like mine & doing the research.

My final opinion is this:

Stop protesting the congressional hearing and start protesting against the terrorists who 'hijack' Islam. If indeed TRUE Islam is NOT fairly represented by these terrorist organizations, then let America know instead of acting like a victim. But so far, your silence only seems to say "Yes, this form of Jihad is a tenant of Islam."

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