Friday, March 4, 2011

F the Blasphemy Law

To my fellow prayer warriors, we need to urgently unite in prayer- for SO many things, but I ask specifically for Asia Bibi. You may have heard about her- she's a
Pakistani Christian, mother of five who worked in the fields of a Muslim landowner. The women she worked with would mock her faith & question her. She explained why she followed Jesus & the women turned her in to the law of the land- Sharia- for blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed.
Already the politician who was fighting to reverse her sentence was killed. Today I got an email that brings even more bad news:

"Shahbaz Bhatti, the Christian Federal Minister for Minorites in Pakistan, has been killed - this is the second highest profile humanitarian killing in Pakistan in the space of 3 weeks
The BPCA condems the violence and calls for international intervention for a restoration of peace. The fate for Asia Bibi looks very dicey and we call for people to pray for her safety."

I know there are THOUSANDS more we need to pray for.... But with Asia's situation, just when it seemed there was hope for her release, the two most powerful people to stand before her are assassinated. God is greater than all those
People & their wickedness.
The bible says "do not fear man, for they can only kill the body. But fear God who can destroy both body & soul."
My friends I also ask that you pray for the Muslims in Pakistan, who are illiterate & zealous to follow the father of lies. According to some Muslims, blasphemy should only apply to Muslims. Pray that Jesus reveals himself to them!
If my God can calm a stormy sea, he can rescue & expand his kingdom through the deliverance of our sister Asia. It is under the threat of persecution that the Kingdom of God expands....
I know that for some of you in the US, this all seems so far away, not very urgent... But for me, being HERE, I am surrounded by death, darkness, injustice, persecution, racism.... Asia is someone who I've never met but have prayed for since I first heard of her arrest months ago. God has opened my eyes & heart to the persecuted church.
Friends, I ask for one more thing to pray for- me. Because I see so much evil prevail, my faith has been challenged. When I pray for deliverance of something that God can use for his glory & see the wicked get the 'victory'- like the 4 American's whose yacht was hijacked & they were killed- I..... Just don't know.... The Pslams talks about God rescuing his people... But He sometimes chooses not to. Why? I don't know... But as I struggle to reconcile that, I know I still have to trust him.
Thanks for praying alongside me. God bless each of you who have entered the throne on behalf of a stranger, who is really our dear sister.

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