Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What an Opportune Time!

So North Africa & the Middle East are going crazy right now. People want Democracy or at least be treated as humans & fulfill basic necessities that governments & regimes limit, deny, or use as leverage.

The West, especially Chriatians, are freaking out about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over. Meanwhile protesters swear they march for liberties & not necessarily for stricter Islamic laws.

Is it coincidence that all this is taking place in the famous 10/40 window? If you don't know about the 10/40 window go here: www.1040window.org/what_is.htm

A Pastor recently said regarding Eschatology, that Islam will be practically eradicated & suffer a big blow that will create room for the Anti-Christ to win favor with the Jews to deceive them. Bc after all, he says, there can't be two competing forces with a prophet claiming to be the Messiah. Both Muslims & Jews believe in a coming Messiah. Whether or not this is true I don't know- we have to wait & see.

But the Islamic world is surely being shaken. Western thought is sneaking in by
Young adults who see prosperity from afar & suffer oppression at home. They spread their campaigns & executed successfully protests through FACEBOOK & TWITTER!

Anyway, what's happening in this region, I believe, is God taking a heart of stone & turning it into a heart of flesh.

What an opportune time for the Gospel to flourish. Although there are still dangers, I believe people's hearts will be more receptive to at least tolerate differences for the sake of unity to achieve their goals, which will lead to questioning, which will lead to understanding, which leads to
Inward examination & questioning of their own faith, which leads to a search for TRUTH, which then leads them to THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE, bc as God says, he who seeks me WILL find me when they search for me with all their heart. He who seeks will find, he who knocks- the door will be opened to him.

I am SURE of this bc God is willing that NO ONE should perish, bc he is patient & longsufgering, so that all will come to repentance & have eternal life.

So the way I see it, this is all so exciting! It
Has been difficult to get the gospel here. Now God is breaking ground. The harvest IS plenty!

Lord here I am in this field where the harvest is plenty. I am willing to be a laborer if you will! Send me God... I'm here & I'm willing!

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