Monday, January 31, 2011

But Why?

Both Muslims & Christians believe in the God of Abraham (theoretically). Both believe in Jesus. So....if Jesus was that important of a Character.....why was there a need for another prophet- Mohammed? I have God's son....HIS SON....wasn't enough? I can not find any other prophet credible enough compared to Jesus. Did Mohammed & his scribe feel like being a disciple of Christ was a Western thing and the desert tribes needed their own form of worship? How did the message that Christ, so clearly brought, get lost 6 centuries later in the Middle East, where it all started?

I mean, it's great to have exemplary role models of faith....but Mohammed cannot compare to Jesus. Why do people settle? Jesus had the words of eternal life! Mohammed....had words from a supposed 'angel' centuries after Paul the Apostle confirmed that Satan transforms himself into an ANGEL of light to deceive people.

Hmm.... either Believe Jesus who had DIRECT WORDS FROM GOD or believe Mohammed who had words from an angel.....let's not forget, Satan is an angel.

I just have to ask why? I am up for open discussion with anyone who can explain to me how following Mohammed's words over Jesus Christ's makes any sense? Many Muslims will admit that even what is written in their holy books is contrary to what Jesus taught. So....who can share with me why it is better to follow Mohammed's religion as opposed to Jesus's words?

And I don't believe I've committed blasphemy against the prophet Mohammed....since blasphemy is reserved ONLY against the HOLY ONE, GOD ALMIGHTY. I won't even consider an apostle who walked with Jesus down the streets as holy as God, furthermore a prophet who came 600 years later.


  1. Hi I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have been meaning to contact you. I live in the United States and my boyfriend in Kuwait. Do you have an email I could reach you at?


  2. to muslims, jesus isn't the son of god, he's a prophet like many other prophets before and after him. your argument can be turned back against you by saying "why do we have to follow jesus if judaism was there before him and its god is also yours". therefore, once you admit that judaism is the only religion then you can debate with muslims on that arguement. as for me, i'm an agnostic kuwaiti who views all religions as man-made. there are may too many contradictions in all religions (based on their teachings).