Thursday, October 17, 2013

North Korea- The Most Difficult Nation To Be A Christian

For the past 11 years, North Korea has been ranked #1 on the
 Open Doors World Watch List.

It is ILLEGAL to be a Christian in this totalitarian state. 
Christians cannot attend church openly. If their faith is discovered, 
they and up to three generations of their family could be sent to a 
prison camp for life. If they are caught with a Bible, they could be 
publicly executed.

North Korea seems like a dark and hopeless place- but the 
light of Christ is still shining!

Even though it is illegal, it is estimated that there are 400,000 
Christians in North Korea
… and the church continues to grow!

Open Doors is able to help North Korean 
Christians by providing safe houses, 
emergency aid and other needed items.

the most hostile nation on earth? 
Your gift will not only save lives, but will allow the
 gospel to prevail in this seemingly 
hopeless place.

Thank you for standing with our North Korean brothers and sisters!

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