Monday, November 21, 2011

Kuwaitis Protest at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait

So yesterday I posted the email warning that was sent to me by the U.S Embassy about a possible demonstration being held. I had not seen anything on Twitter about a protest at our embassy or heard of any reason why.  

But today I checked out The Arab Times Online and on their home page they had this as the feature article. So that answers my question!

‘Release Kuwaitis At Guantanamo’Citizens Protest In Front Of US Embassy
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 20: Around 400 Kuwaitis gathered in front of the US Embassy in Bayan Sunday to demand the release of the Kuwaiti inmates at Guantanamo Bay Prison, Fayez Al-Kandari and Fawzi Al-Awda.
Speaking at the gathering, MP Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabaei affirmed the protest action in part of efforts to secure the release of the two inmates. He condemned the detention without trial and called on the US government to release them as an act of friendship if it truly regards Kuwait as one.
Al-Tabtabaei said the WikiLeaks has published cables, quoting  former Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid as saying that Kuwait does not want the inmates, while citing how the Israeli government went out of its way to secure the release of Gilad Shalit. He urged the Kuwaiti government to exert more efforts in demanding the immediate release of the Kuwaiti inmates in Guantanamo.
Meanwhile, head of the Guantanamo Inmates Support Group Fawzi Al-Enezi stressed the protesters have conveyed a clear message to the US embassy and its government, confirming the gathering of 20,000 signatures on a petition tilted “Guantanamo Prison is a Mark of Disgrace for the US.” He asked for the immediate release of the Kuwaiti inmates.
Also, attorney Adel Al-Abdulhadi appealed to the Kuwaiti and US governments to work together to guarantee the immediate release of both inmates.

By: Jaber Al-Humoud

While I definitely know America won't be releasing any prisoners from Gitmo just because they received a petition, these Kuwaiti's do have a point in that the prisoners should be getting a fair trial. But I don't think it will necessarily harm the friendship the U.S has with Kuwait. America isn't punishing Kuwait for their citizens being involved in plotting terrorism against the U.S, they are treating the individuals rather than the state. I think that's fair. Would Kuwait rather that we pull out of their tiny little country & let them defend themselves from...hmm...Iran & Iraq? Things between Iraq & Kuwait are getting a bit heated again since Kuwait is going forward with building this new port where Iraq says it will stop their only way of boat transportation.

But if Kuwaiti's want to play that game, why don't we quiz them as to why they released those 11 who plotted to attack Camp Arifjan (a U.S Military Base in Kuwait)? They found explosives, weapons, & their plans and thank God it never came to fruition, but because Kuwaiti Secret Service interrogated them too harshly they were freed!!!!! 

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