Monday, November 28, 2011

Kuwait & Terrorism

Three Kuwaiti Officers Arrested For Ties With Terror CellsBahrain, Qatar Attacks Planned
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 27: The intelligence unit of the army has arrested three Kuwaitis working for the Ministry of Defence — one of them a captain and two sergeants - because of their alleged links with the terrorist cells that were recently busted in Bahrain and Qatar, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting knowledgeable security sources.
The sources said the arrest came following information received by the State Security police and details about interrogations with the arrested members of the cell conducted by the security authorities in Bahrain and Qatar.
The names of the three citizens working for the military came up during interrogations. Following this an unit from the military intelligence went to the workplace of the suspects and whisked them away for interrogation.
The source added the three Kuwaitis were in contact with the accused in Bahrain and Qatar and one of the ‘terrorists’ had even sent money to the Kuwaitis through a money exchange office.
The source added the recent visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior to Saudi Arabia was concerning this issue and to brief his Saudi counterpart on the latest developments of the investigation.
It had earlier been reported that a gang of terrorists was arrested in Bahrain and Qatar who were planning to carry out acts of sabotage on vital installations in Bahrain, including the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manama and the King Fahd Causeway which links Saudi Arabia with Bahrain.

US Treasury Preps Report On Terror Funding By CharitiesKuwait Asked To Thoroughly Investigate Issue
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: The US Treasury has prepared a preliminary report on the terror financing operations allegedly being conducted by Kuwaiti charitable organizations and even forwarded a copy of it to Kuwaiti authorities, informed sources told Al-Dar daily.

Authorities have reviewed the report and will summon those accused in the report, said sources, adding more than one charitable society is involved in such suspicious activities. The US Treasury had been apparently monitoring the activities of these organizations and had asked officials to thoroughly investigate the issue.

Sources said authorities do not know exactly how much amount the charitable societies transferred overseas under the pretext of human aid, but know that some of the amount was used to aid terror operations.

A final report on the issue will be prepared and submitted to authorities at a later date, added sources.

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