Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kuwait is Finally Looking into Forcing Employers to Pay their Employees!!!

I was just about to give three cheers for Kuwait after reading the following statement of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour stating they would look into enforcing sponsors to pay their workers by obligated bank transfers, when I realized....

This should have been law YEARS ago! Yes I applaud Kuwait for finally stepping up to protect their foreign national workers- God knows this will help bring them down a notch from the Human Rights Watch list. But this is only a STUDY OF THE PROPOSAL. So they could study all they want & still decide that is is not important to make Kuwaitis pay their workers. Now- given the fact that this legislation has actually made it up this far, is a good sign. I sure hope the Ministry goes forward with making this proposal law because it is the right thing to do. Especially since some Sponsors (Kuwaiti Employers) sometimes withhold payment from 6 months to a year!!!

Proposal To Bank Pay Of Domestics
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 2: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in coordination with the Domestic Labor Department at the Ministry of Interior, will study a proposal on obligating sponsors to transfer the salaries of their household workers to the local banks.

In a press statement Wednesday, Head of the Labor Relations Department at the ministry Hadi Al-Enzi disclosed the Higher Committee for Organizing Domestic Labor will soon refer the proposal to the concerned authorities for discussion.

Al-Enzi said two other proposals have been presented — one is requiring the sponsors to issue a receipt written in Arabic, English and the mother tongue of the workers, while the other is the submission of the monthly salary transfer advice to the relevant departments. He pointed out most disputes between the workers and their sponsors arise from the non-payment or delayed payment of salaries. He revealed some employers do not pay salaries for six months.

By: Al-Sayed Al-Qassas

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