Saturday, October 29, 2011

Helping the Needy in Kuwait

I am soooooooo excited!!!

If you've been following my blog at all (which is probably unlikely since my blog turned from personal to kinda political in a social justice sense thereby losing my audience), you may remember that I posted about wanting to be a part of an organization or ministry that aides expat labor & domestic workers who are abused or in need. I briefly came across a ministry through a Church that ministered to abused domestic workers in the Philippine Emabssy but I learned of it through a church bulletin that was given to me at work that I can no longer find. I googled it but could not find any more info.

There are organizations in Kuwait to help clean up the place, make it greener (LITERALLY), and even a human rights campaign against the abuse of foreign national domestic workers (mainly women who are physically abused, sexually abused, tortured, & trafficked). But I couldn't find ways to help.

Finally today I learned about a ministry with a sincere heart in aiding the needy in Kuwait. I came across it through Crazy in Kuwait's blog, a popular blog written by an American Muslim convert who married a Kuwaiti & uses her blog to help other expatriates. I immediately decided to check out Operation Hope Kuwait. Aside from my excitement to come across an organization that actually asked for hands on volunteers (b/c I want to get my hands dirty SO BADLY instead of just giving money all the time), I was taken back to learn that this organization was created from a sister in Christ, led by the Lord. So imagine my surprise to see a Muslim's blog supporting a Christian ministry for the sake of good.

To me, the founder of Operation Hope Kuwait is an unknown hero. She's just an average woman who was compelled by the Lord to offer a cup of cold water to a thirsty soul in the name of Jesus. She's not making a big production out of it- not trying to get her name in lights, billboards, or fliers- she's just doing what God has called her to do- in a Muslim country. She's a light. How I praise God for her. I just hope that I can actually do some volunteer work on my day off! I'm so frustrated that I have to work 6 days a week & that I haven't been able to even do much in Kuwait.

Anyway, even though this organization is in Kuwait, donations will be accepted from anywhere in the world- and I'm not just talking about financial donations. They need things like shoes, clothes, toiletries, feminine hygenic products, blankets (yes it can get very cold in Kuwait), household items, and much more.

Let me help paint a picture of the people who are receiving help:
She's actually a cleaner where I work

Makeshift shelter in an Embassy

So if you're living in Kuwait or would like to contribute in a creative way contact:  or call 9937-5613

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