Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Threat to National Security in Kuwait

As if the suspension of services from the British Embassy in Kuwait due to terror threats weren't concern enough, the Brits tipped off Kuwait that al-Qaeda has been smuggling weapons into Kuwait through the border of Saudi Arabia! The article below states that Kuwaiti Intelligence is aware of the smuggle but does not report that anyone has been charged. Oh boy! Back in 2009, there was a planned attack against Camp Arifjan, the American military base. They found explosives & were able to arrest the perpetrators. GOOD news? Yes! BAD NEWS: It was found that Kuwaiti Secret Service was too HARSH during their interrogation so GUESS WHAT?!?! Those attackers were LET GO! HOME FREE! Kuwait has been amazing with being able to catch terror plots & prevent security threats but what the hell were they thinking to let those men go?!? 

Anyway, read below for the current security threat as of 28 October 2011:

Light Weapons Cross Borders‘Abdali, Salmi’
KUWAIT CITY, Oct 28: Security and inspection procedures were intensified at all Kuwait’s land borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia after the Interior Ministry re-ceived intelligence about the smuggling of light weapons into the country by al-Qaeda agents, reports Al-Dar daily.
Sources in the customs and security sectors said modern and high-tech inspection apparatus are being used at the borders to locate the weapons.
According to sources, the ministry took the step after receiving information that some light weapons had already been smuggled into the country through Abdali and Salmi borders to destabilize Kuwait. Reportedly, British security authorities, with whom Kuwaiti authorities are coordinating on security issues, passed on the information.
After Eid Al-Adha, officials of the Interior Ministry and the General Department of Customs will hold a meeting and form specialist committees in both sectors to inspect vehicles and trucks that could be loaded with weapons. They will also discuss inspection procedures at ports and marine borders, noted sources.
This is the second time in 10 days that security has been tightened. The last time was on Oct 19, 2011 when the British Embassy in Kuwait temporarily suspended its services in the wake of a heightened security threat.
In fact, the British embassy in Kuwait only reopened its doors to the public last Sunday.
“(But) we still have increased security for precautionary measures,” a spokeswoman has said when it reopened.
The embassy had suspended public services due to increased security concerns but did not elaborate on the nature of any potential threat.
In an update to the “terrorism section” of its travel advisory, the embassy also told British organisations and businesses to review their security measures, though the threat was aimed only at the mission.
The embassy also advised British nationals to exercise caution before sailing in Kuwaiti waters following maritime restrictions issued by Kuwait last month. No further details were provided.
The security alert came less than two weeks before British heir to the throne Prince Charles is due to visit Kuwait. He is also to visit Qatar. The visit to the two countries is due to take place on Oct 31 and Nov 1.

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