Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Send Bibles to Colombian Jungles!

As you know, I try to provide my Christian audience with information on how they can support the persecuted church. As I always say- there is MORE you can do than just pray. So please take a few short minutes to read about this opportunity where you can make a difference in the life of Colombians living in the jungles who do not have access to Bibles or resources for discipleship. Remember that word "disciples?" It's a COMMAND from Christ in case you forgot...

With your help, we can reach our initial goal of deploying 250,000 parachutescarrying Bibles, shortwave radios and/or Christian literature over the jungles of Colombia.
The Voice of the Martyrs is now offering complete parachute kits that enable Christians across the United States and in other countries to assemble parachutes for use in Colombia. Completed parachutes will be used to deliver the gospel to some of the most dangerous areas of Colombia.
Join us in this unique endeavor. The parachute kits are great projects for families, youth groups and entire church congregations.

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