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Kuwait Imprisons an Infant

I hardly ever get the actual paper copy of The Kuwait Times because I'm always on the go to work. I usually rely on their reporting online. So when I heard about this Baby from someone NOT in Kuwait I just HAD to share the info. The original article appeared in the newspaper of The Kuwait Times dated July 14,2011. Thanks to MsSparky you can actually view the original copy in a PDF format. 

Let me just say that the Middle East is extremely hypocritical. Remember that Kuwait is on the Human Rights Watch list! Original blog post on the topic can be found HERE

Baby Still Imprisoned After Mom’s Death

Kuwait: A baby boy not yet a year old whose mother gave birth to him whilst incarcerated in  on adultery charges has been left orphaned and imprisoned after she passed away whilst still in detention.
The ‘youngest prisoner in Kuwait’, whose mother tragically died of as-yet unidentified causes following her latest court appearance, was born following a relationship between his mother and a Bangladeshi man who refused to acknowledge paternity, insisting that he was not the father and even that he had never had a relationship with the baby’s mother.
According to an insider with the Public Prosecution Service, although prison administration officials attempted to transfer custody of the infant to the nursing home for abandoned children born to unidentified parents, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MSAL) rejected their application on the grounds that the children’s parents are not technically unidentified. After the Ministry of Health also rejected a plea to provide protection for the infant since he is not suffering from any medical condition, authorities had no choice but to return the innocent baby to the cell where his mother was held, where other female inmates are hopefully taking care of him. — Al-Qabas

"If you want to ask the leaders of Kuwait why this is happening, below is your chance."
Minister of The Amiri Diwan Affairs
Deputy Minister of The Amiri Diwan Affairs
Under Secretary of The Amiri Diwan
Director of The Office of H.H. The Amir

Along with this article, MsSparky shared her thoughts & readers shared their comments. I think the comments are important to read because you learn a lot (like the email links above):

  1. comment123 says:
    This is so sad!! There are so many people that would take this little angel as their own child and give him an incredible life! What kind of people (and I won’t say animals, because animals would be more compassionate) would do this to a baby???
  2. 2
    Hunter says:
    You have no idea how jacked up Kuwait is because they are always pretending they are better than everyone else. However, it is all a lie. They party hard like everyone else and the way they treat the Easterners is pure slavery. This article does not surprise me about Kuwait. What you are seeing is the true Kuwait. She was in jail for “adultery”. Really? You have no idea how many Kuwaiti men have girlfriends. They will wink at you in a minute and follow you all the way home. Amazing.
    Some of the people are just precious however, if you have ever seen them driving in their cars with an infant in their arms then you know how far from common sense this country can be. The children hanging out the window, out of the rooftops, no seat belts and then you see the dang car in a tree.
    Like I said, this DOES NOTt apply to all Kuwaitis however, the ones that it does apply to makes it very bad for their country. So sad. There are no words.
  3. 3
    Standing by in the Desert says:
    Why is it that the Arab Times and Kuwait Times are not sold on Camp Arifjan, Camp Virginia, Camp Buering, and Ali Al Salem Air Base. Why is there no community involvement by the military as we do in every other country in the world – even Afghanistan. How can our commanders sit in the desert and on their hands and heads in the sand knowing that just 30 miles away, maids are committing suicide at a rate of 5 per week and the attempts are 5 times that and pregnant women are being locked away for years. Why does the Kuwait Central Jail house more than 30 mothers and their babies, many of whom have Kuwait fathers bore them by a relationship with the maid who is isolated like a Prisoner of War and has no freedoms to labor rights, days off, or overtime pay and in fact only make 60 KD ( 200 dollars ) per month.
    Did you know that retired ASG commander Colonel John Alexander has maids to take care of his house and teenage kids (2010) ? His wife was appalled that a maid asked her to be paid 80 KD and shouted at her that she was not paying any more than market rate – THAT from an American woman.
    Wake up commanders in the desert, human rights abuses are not just happening in Burma and China, the human rights abuses are occurring by the government our military freed and this is how they pay US back, by locking up there ex-pats for getting pregnant. By mixing church (mosque) and State, and by discriminating against people of other religions other than Muslim. AND by locking up woman who have a child, but is not married while the very same men making the laws of Kuwait have girlfriends (in addition to their wives ) and many are responsible for these pregnancies. Then the woman is to raise the child in jail if caught until the child is 3 if she doesn’t disclose who the father is. What is unclear is the mother then deported with, or without the child. Breaking a mother’s bond would be just one more abuse inflicted on a non-Kuwait national. That is hospitality isn’t it – a welcoming culture to work in.
    Wake up in the desert – they (your commanders) keep you locked on the bases for a reason and it is NOT because you might be a victim of a terrorist attack, it is because you would realize that the country you freed is abusing 1/3 of its population by keeping them locked up. You would drive around and notice the bars on the windows of the Kuwait mansions (used to keep the maids from escaping ).
    If you want to ask the leaders of Kuwait why this is happening, below is your chance.
    Minister of The Amiri Diwan Affairs
    Deputy Minister of The Amiri Diwan Affairs
    Under Secretary of The Amiri Diwan
    Director of The Office of H.H. The Amir
    This is the SPRING that Politically Correct doesn’t count. The Kuwaitis want to be so American – but we just don’t tolerate locking up pregnant women and their children and unexplained deaths of mothers in Kuwait’s Central jail. Release them all Amir – that is the right thing to do. Mothers do not belong in jail.
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      Hunter says:
    • 5
      Ms Sparky says:
      THANK YOU for this info! I just sent an email to ALL of them! Bet’s on whether anyone responds? I bet not!
      • 6
        Hunter says:
        They will cover it up like they do everything else. Now I know why they wear long clothing all the time and remain covered, it’s to cover up who and what they really are. A country that enslaves and rapes those who cannot help themselves. Again, I have to say this does not apply to all Kuwaitis however, Kuwait as a country allows it so they represent the people. I am sure not all Kuwaiti’s agree with what their country allows and the lies they tell. Kuwait is rated as a Tier III country.
    • 7
      It is what it is says:
      This is all true and direct to the point…..if you get a chance to drive around early enough you will see the “MAIDS”….WASHING BIG ASS CARS” SUVS not just one but average 2 to 4 cars….They clean, cook, teach, watch the children, hold the shopping bags for the “madam” while she gets to fancy herself and not even worry about her own kids because, she has the maid doing everything including fitching the tea for her…..and probably was her ass if she can help it…ha ha ha…Kuwaiti women are the most “expensive and extravagant people” sad to say but true….but I am not talking about all Kuwaiti people…it’s just a good majority of them…that is there normal way of treating non kuwaiti nationals…..
      Here is the deal…if you are American, British, White in general…or of African decent…..they respect you…because the “original” Kuwaitis are actually “darker” skin people….and not the “light skin” kuwaiti….Light skin Kuwaiti are of Saudi decent and else where in the “Middle East” but has since taken the “Kuwaiti Citizenship” that’s why they call Kuwait as Saudi’s little brother of the “middle east”……
      I you are from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Indonesia or thailand then you are treated like dirt…..or your automatically profiled as “dirt” or maid or sex slave………very “racist and prejudice society. Profiling is the name of the game and “money” is the king in Kuwait….if you have money…you have “respect”
      that’s why you see all the “crooked Americans” doing business in Kuwait…because “shit” they normally wouldn’t get away with…..doing it in the United States……they can do it in Kuwait….that’s why you find them all here……because of the LAX of “regulation” and MONEY is the king…
      Bribes, kickbacks, opening up Cayman Island accounts for “kickbacks” and money transaction from giving contracts, prostitution, trafficking workers, not paying workers on time, rape, abuse, liars, profiling you name it “it’s all in Kuwait……Kuwait is the place to make mad money…..if you just don’t give a damn…because “money is the king”……
      That’s why all the “American Company/Prime Contractors and Military Contractors” are here…because they can get away with “things” they would normally….not get away with in United States….if you have the “right” Kuwaiti Wasta “sponsor” you can do anything….and get away with it……Mafia connection…..
  4. 8
    Ms Sparky says:
    I agree with you both. After doing the post, I told my husband I was heading to Kuwait to adopt this baby and he just gave me “that look” and said, “OOOOOkay….call me and tell me how it all works out” and then he kept on with “that look”. I don’t think he knew for sure if I was serious or not and neither did I. If I seriously thought the Kuwaiti’s would release him to me I would go.
  5. 9
    Of course says:
    I’m old enough to have grandchildren, but I would take this little guy in a heartbeat
  6. 11
    Intrepid says:
    No love for this child is very heart wrenching to say the least. I am sure this will eventually get wide media attention.
  7. 14
    If it were not for the Conservative pressure flowing from the longbeards in Iran and Saudi into Kuwait, Kuwait could be a very progressive society. They would scrap the segregated schools and colleges.
    It certainly makes me smile when I see a Kuwait guy dressing as if he is a hood in LA with his hat on sideways and a basketball jersey down to his knees and his wife is standing next to him dressed in black from head to toe at 7 PM at night when it is 46 Centigrade out (96 F).
    SOMETHING is letting the GCC countries believe that these human rights abuses are ok in their Koran ? Maybe they believe they are doing better than Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan because they are not stoning the women for adultery. But when a maid is assaulted or coherced while employed and impregnated by the master of the house – is that a crime by the woman. No, she needs medical help and the world view is that you don’t put a pregnant woman in jail.
    Good Article Ms. Sparky – you are asking the questions that the amateur writers of the Arab Times and Kuwait Times will not ask. The journalist questions that the reader wants to know. Let’s see what transpires. Maybe all of those in Central jail with children get released.
    • 15
      Ms Sparky says:
      I seriously doubt those who have been incarcerated for adultery will be released. Crimes against women in the Middle East seem to end up with the woman being punished and the perpetrator living to commit more crimes. But maybe public pressure can help this baby boy. Hopefully someone will answer the questions in the email I sent, which were:
      What was the mother’s name?
      What was the mother’s country of origin?
      What is the baby’s name?
      Has her Embassy officials been contacted?
      Was the man involved in the adultery charges convicted?
      What are your long range plans for this baby?
      What is the contact information for Central Prison?
      How many babies are born in Kuwaiti prisons?
      How many women are raising their children in Kuwaiti prisons?
      How many women are in Kuwaiti prison for adultery?
      • 16
        Hunter says:
        Maybe you can ask if they are willing to allow the child to be adopted. Of course, we don’t want the child to be adopted by a Kuwaiti or the child would end up a slave forever. They are not righteous at all. Does their God approve of such treatment of a child? I hope not. I want to hear them justify their actions by using their religion. I think there would be much oposition to this. Do you know how many people would adopt this baby? God help this child.It is sad to say however, I hope he is not being used for some damn pervert’s pleasure. This just hurts my heart.
      • 19
        It is what it is says:
        Ms Sparky
        All that shit you are asking…..does not apply…because the Embassy in most of these “poorer” countries has sold out there own people…..that is why….that kid is in jail and nobody is stepping up…because they are powerless against the Kuwaiti Government to do anything and they wait for the Government to decide what needs to be done….Have you not “expose” this story….this little boy would probably not get any proper assistance and they can give a “rats ass”….this boy in there “eyes” si just another “piece of dirt” and needs no special attention….because it’s not American, British or Kuwaiti child…..period…….so that is your answer…..Ms Sparky!!!! like it or not….it is what it is……and it happens everyday in Kuwait….and it makes me sick to my stomach…that we actually “helped out” this country and only to do this to “other” people…..shame shame shame…….Money is the king….baby…
  8. 20
    Ms Sparky says:
    I just updated this post with new information. I still haven’t heard back from any authorities in Kuwait.
  9. 21
    Hunter says:
    Thank you. I will check daily for all updates.
  10. 22
    Hunter says:
    You see Ms. Sparky, the only reason they addressed this issue is because their dirty underwear is showing thru their white garments. They are so evil that they couldn’t figure this out by themselves? They got pressure and this is the only reason this is addressed. They probably saw your email, amoungst others, and had to act quickly. Let’s hope they will allow the child to be adopted by someone human who does not leave babies in cages.
  11. 23
    Optimus Prime says:
    Rat Bastards.

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