Monday, June 27, 2011

A Real Update on Me This Time

We are already towards the end of JUNE! I can't believe it! But I certainly CAN feel it! Temps have reached well over 120 degrees where I work in the desert (the highest so far has been 122.8F). I fear my skin color on my arms is 3 different shades :-/

The heat is not fun at all. Up north where I work, we've had days of sand storms- so not only was it hot, but windy so you're always chewing on sand or it gets in your eyes. Gross! I've had to cover up my face completely and I STILL got sand in my eyes!
Trying to Protect against heat & sand

Dust Storms
But so far this week the wind has calmed down. But the heat is going to get much worse AND will bring humidity....i'm definitely not looking forward to that. Even the DESERT gets humid! Look:

The Humidity Steamed up the Glass

That looks like fog but that's how thickly humid it was- in the middle of the desert! See how that chain is just dripping from the condensation?

Well I've been here for nearly 11 months now! So what do I do for fun? Well....I work 6 days a week so I only have 1 day off. The culture here is pretty segregated- Males have their own sports clubs & activities they do while Females have their gatherings of shopping at the mall & flirting with the boys. The Kuwaiti guys here have NO clue how to talk to a girl. They harass them, chase them when driving, some even go so far as to grope them or even rape a girl if the girl rejects his advances.  But back to what I do for fun- I go to the Mall. That's where everyone mostly congregates. I dress up to go to the mall too! Look, living here has made me a bit materialistic LOL. Every Arab woman (young & old) wears tons of makeup & expensive shoes, purses, & clothing- even in their Abayas!

Few Filipinas, even some Indian women, all dress up. Of course, the Indian women usually wear their long dresses with pants & their Saris which is their typical style and only a FEW Filipina's dress up meaning, wear heels, a stylish outfit,  & have their makeup done up. So even though I wear jeans & tees to work, I take the opp on my days off to get dolled up in heels & stylish outfits because I pass for being Kuwaiti LOL.

But USUALLY, the Flip chics wear jeans & a Tee b/c they do most of the work in Customer Service. They're behind the counters at fast food joints, they are your waitresses at restaurants, they are the retail workers- the Filipinos do the Customer Service work in Kuwait for the most part. The Indian women are usually maids...come to think of it, I have NEVER seen an Indian woman work the same position as a Filipina. The Indian & Bengali men do all the hard labor outdoors. They're repair men, construction workers, taxi drivers, poop truck drivers, street cleaners, painters, etc. They work SO VERY HARD & under EXTREME weather conditions, spending YEARS away from their family to provide for them, and get paid so very little....

But holy cow is this culture funny. Well, to us Westerners. You can read some of the crazy articles HERE. But let me show you a few first:

This culture- along with the Indian & more Eastern culture, reminds me of Junior High. Seriously. The men act like they're in Junior High School. It's taboo to kiss in public, to show affection. A girl is portrayed as a slut if she is around a bunch of men. It is very conservative yet EXTREMELY hypocritical. Do you know how many reports of rape you see in the local news on a daily basis? That's not even mentioning the actual police reports.

But anyway, I am enjoying my time over here. Although, drivers have no common sense & never check their rear view mirror.

The food is absolutely great! There are so many cuisine choices. Not only that, but there is SO MUCH FOOD DELIVERY! 2 websites I use frequently that I SO WISH we had in California is 6alabat & I Eat Online.

I will be taking my vacation soon & will be going home! I can't wait to eat some INNOUT & Weinerschnitzel and I especially can't wait to give away souvenirs!

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