Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Young Pakistani's Vow Revenge for Bin Laden's Death

Pakistan....oh Pakistan...what a twisted, violent, hopeless country. I feel sorry for Pakistan. Most Pakistanis are illiterate, so they get their zeal & dogmas from their religious leaders.

Osama Bin Laden was guilty of initiating attacks against people- against Americans. That is why America has been after him. Why would a 10yr old Pakistani boy vow revenge on America?

Because we killed their hero.

Let me first just say- Islam does not mean "peace" but "submission." I just needed to clarify that b/c many Muslims take the convenience of the interpretation to loosely translate that for itching ears. Being a Muslim means being submissive to God, although it seems like they are more submissive to the prophet Mohammed rather than Allah.

I challenge Muslims who read this post to seek out Allah for his truth. Ask Allah to reveal himself to you. God has said that if you seek him you will find him, when you search for God with all of your heart. Do not just believe what you are told by your Imam or what is customary- research it. Pray about it. The problem with people such as those in Pakistan is that they don't even know WHAT their own religion teaches. Most of them can't even READ to confirm what they are being taught is true. Is it a coincidence that most of the countries at the bottom of the world's literacy list are Muslim nations?


This is what a Pakistani himself says on illiteracy in Pakistan & Terrorism:

Terrorism is the worst form of illiteracy when people do not have sense to realize the importance of innocent lives which are lost in the terrorist activities. Some people consider poverty as one of the major causes of terrorism. If people are given enough education to cope up poverty, this might enable people becoming less hopeful and going for the bold steps such as getting involved in wrong or criminal activities. In Pakistan, government is making its best efforts to reduce the illiteracy rate as a result of which the standard of education in Pakistan is increasing day by day. However terrorism will take time to remove.

However, the article that I have re-posted talks about literate, middle-class, youngsters who pledge allegiance to Bin Laden's ideology. Are they doing their homework? They have zeal without knowledge. They want to be heroes...their ego inspires them to their demise.

For reasons such as this AND b/c of Pakistan's dishonesty, deceit, & just plain scandalousness- My opinion: CUT OFF FUNDING FOR PAKISTAN. What has our money done for that country but breed terrorism & support human injustices such as oppression to religious minorities?

From the Arab Times Online: Arab Times Online Article

Bin Laden's Young Neighbours Vow Revenge Over Death

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan, May 10, 2011 (AFP) -In a madrassa close to the house where Osama bin Laden lived and died, young Pakistani students are furious over the death of a terror mastermind they considered a religious hero.

Venting their anger over a US raid a week ago in which commandos killed bin Laden, reportedly in front of his family, at the villa that hid him from the world, metres (yards) from their school in Abbottabad they vow revenge.

"This war is not over yet. There are so many mujahedeen (fighters) who will continue Osama's fight and will defeat America," said Muhammad Tofail, a 15-year-old student at the biggest seminary in Bilal Town, the suburb that proved to have been bin Laden's home for up to five years.

"There are many Osamas in the Muslim world and the US can't defeat his ideology," he said.

The West fears such madrassas preach a zeal that encourages extremism and builds support for Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Pakistan, particularly in the tribal northwest where training grounds groom future Islamist fighters.

Islamic seminaries are an alternative to mainstream education for several million children in Pakistan, where only two percent of GDP goes on public schooling and where 31 percent of men and 41 percent of women aged 15 to 24 are illiterate.

"I will myself become Osama and revenge his death one day," said 10-year-old Abbas Khan, sitting in the playground outside the seminary and metres away from the Al-Qaeda chief's hideout.

The young views reflect part of an ideological battle raging in Pakistan -- a country at war with homegrown militants blamed for bomb attacks that have killed more than 4,200 people nationwide in the past four years.

But the perceived violation of sovereignty with last week's operation has united many in anger against the United States, and worsened the widespread perception that the government in Islamabad is servile to its superpower ally.

Anti-American sentiment is already rampant over of an ongoing covert US drone campaign that has killed hundreds in the northwest region.

Billions of dollars in military and civilian aid given by the United States to Pakistan fails to assuage mass mistrust of the Western power.

Parents in the garrison city of Abbottabad say they fear bin Laden's death on their soil will only worsen calls for revenge on the West.

"Osama bin Laden has developed a psyche. He has developed a mindset and younger generations are affected," said Farzana Anis, who took her daughter to see bin Laden's hideout, speaking in English.

"If there's no social uplift in Pakistan, if there's no education, there is no healthcare, there's no alleviation of poverty, then this mindset can take place... With the killing of Osama bin Laden, the problem has aggravated."

Children playing cricket in the street by the heavily guarded compound do not conform to the stereotype of uneducated religious youth.

But despite hailing from middle-class families and attending good schools in the area, this week they are sharing in the anger at America and joining calls for revenge.

"We will avenge Osama bin Laden's death. We are going to do jihad and we will win. We will beat the Americans," said one cricket-playing boy, Bilal Umar.

His friend Abbas Khan concurred. "I will grow up to be like Osama," he said.

Come quickly Lord Jesus. Save the lost, give sight to the blind. Reveal yourself to them in Jesus' name.

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