Sunday, May 15, 2011

The U.S. Government Condemns Burning Quran, But they Burn Bibles

Have you seen this yet??? It is a fact based video about how the US Government upholds the Quran higher than the Bible- which they declare is garbage, THUS, violating the Bill of Rights & Constitution.

Click Bibles Burned by U.S. Military to read more info

Now, the video above describes Christians as the 'bad guys.' Distributing a Bible is wrong? Oh, b/c it's "proselytizing." THOSE were the Bibles that the U.S. Military ended up burning in Afghanistan.

It is NOT wrong that the soldiers wanted to distribute Bibles in the local language instead of "trying to learn the language." The film director sat in a couple of services & gatherings. Did he not think ANY of the soldiers were trying to learn the language? Maybe they were individually making an attempt, but they are limited in what they can do. They can't just go out into the street & preach in the local tongue.

The film director made this documentary & sent it to Al-Jazeera FIRST. What a traitor. Not only is he a traitor, but he was used by the enemy (Satan) to attempt to stop the furtherance of the gospel. Very Christians know....our God makes beauty out of ashes. He brings good out of what was intended to be evil.

You can kill a Christian, burn his Bible, & attempt to silence Christians like in Pakistan- but there is NO stopping the Holy Spirit from doing the work. Many Muslims come to Christ by dreams alone.

Bottom line, this was a documentary aired on Al-Jazeera, slanted to make Christians look bad & fake.

Hooray to the soldiers who will obey God rather than man! May God give them wisdom to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the Afghans! 

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