Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God keeps his covenant

Empires or civilizations that have sought to destroy Israel or the Jewish people:

Egyptian Empire: Gone!

Philistines: Gone!

Assyrian Empire: Gone!

Babylonian Empire: Gone!

Persian Empire: Gone!

Grecian Empire: Gone!

Roman Empire: Gone!

Byzantine Empire: Gone!

Ottoman Empire: Gone!

Spanish Empire: Gone!

The Nazi Third Reich: Gone!

Islamic Republic of Iran:___________


  1. Your ill informed and uneducated, bigoted and racist rants prove that the contents of your cranium are--Gone!

  2. Re: Anonymous- What is ill informed about historical facts? And racist? AHAHAHA! Sounds like the contents of YOUR cranium are also lacking

  3. Wait, Spanish? The Spanish never...oh the Spanish Inquisition, forgot about that.