Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christian Church Target of Terror Attack in Egypt on New Years

Did you hear about the bombing in Egypt? If you haven't, click here to read an article on the incident:

Now, I came across this opinion article that I found very interesting from this Muslim journalist's perspective about the terror attack & I wanted to share it with you all. this is the Link:

But I've also copied/pasted this short, strong, opinion of condemnation:

Dead Terrorists Will Go To Hell
MAY the curse of Allah, the angels and the entire humankind be unto those who toy with the security of Egypt — the land of peace, safety and security. God Almighty describes Egypt as the land of tranquility. Those who perpetrated the bloodletting of innocent people in the early hours of the New Year inside a church in Alexandria are human devils without religious knowledge and conscience. The dead ones among the perpetrators are burning in hell, while the dead church members are in paradise with the martyrs and the righteous.

The human devils who perpetrated the terrorist activity in the church do not represent Islam or any other religion but themselves. Egypt’s Coptic Christians understand this very well, because they have been part of the society prior to the Islamic conquest. They are intelligent and well-versed enough to realize that the perpetrators are not Egyptians and not by any chance related to Islam or Christianity. They are simply human devils who deserve to be sent to the lowest part of hell.

Those confused minds are determined to toy with security of Egypt, but they cannot succeed in destroying the largest Arab nation whose leadership has been ensuring stability in Arab and Islamic nations, as well as the entire world for several decades. Despite all the incidents the region has gone through, Egypt remains the benchmark based on which the Arab nations repel political illnesses befalling them. Although we know that Egypt — government and citizens — is strong enough to ward off a handful human devils, we still need to ask a question: what do destroyers want from Egypt? What is happening and why now? What do the devils want from the beautiful Cairo and the great Alexandria? What do they want from the safe oasis that enjoys a flow of wealth from all angles? Are they planning to deprive people the blessings of Allah so they can face the wrath of God?

Everybody in that country, especially the Coptic Christians, know that the devils will not escape punishment since security in countries is like health in the body. This action will not go without punishment in a country that has since long realized that religion belongs to God and the country is for all and sundry. The country remains stable even in difficult situations. All Egyptians understand that terrorism is alien to their tolerant culture. Terrorism is heresy from people with bad minds and heresy causes people to stray, while going astray leads to hell. We wish to reiterate that those who committed this heresy are in hell’s fire, while martyrs of the church are in paradise, whether the crazy devils like it or not.

The armed forces swore before Egyptian leadership a few days ago that mutual respect among all citizens means loyalty to the nation. It is in this national harmony perspective we look at Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak translated this clearly in his directives to citizens and the security apparatus after the sinful attack. He said, “Every Egyptian, Coptic Christian or Muslim, should stand firm in unison to face the terrorists and those toying with Egyptian security, stability and unity of citizens.” He directed the security apparatus to promptly apprehend the criminals. Let’s commend this wonderful position and heed the call of the leader known for his firm stance against evil perpetrators in the country. He will surely fight the dissidents to a standstill until he gets rid of them from the land of peace...Egypt.


By: Ahmed AlJarallah

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