Friday, November 12, 2010


kuwait has awesome pastry shops. Some are so elegant, with uniquely wrapped platters in jeweled cases.
I'll take pics & show you. They are big on nuts & dates. But they also make some gorgeous cakes.

You get lured by the glow of the pastries & the scent of fresh baked bread. Curiosity causes you to start buying bite sized treats as a new cultural experience.
You get lost in all its glory!

Then one day I realized one thing they're missing. COOKIES! They do not make fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or other types of this round goodie. There are PLENTY of fancy decorated donuts- heck there's a Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts no matter where you go. But cookies are not a Kuwaiti thing. However, the Sultan Center, which is like a Super Walmart, caters to expats & they carry a variety of international food, including cookies & brownies that taste soft & fresh.

Don't get me wrong, they sell packaged cookies like Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Keebler, and assorted sugar cookies in every grocery store. But no fresh baked cookies.

My attention to this was drawn when I was given a free Chocolate Chip cookie from one of the Indian workers at Subway on base. I learned quickly in the States that cookies from Subway were awful, so I hesitated to receieve it, but I like free things ;-)
I ate the cookie and it was DELICIOUS!

Thus, the only 2 places to get yummy, fresh, cookies here is Subway or your own kitchen.

Since we are on the topic of food, I will mention that my consumption of red meat has been reduced GREATLY since getting here & I usually just eat grilled chicken bc of all the yummy Chicken Tavouk dishes out here. But my soda consumption has increased since working on base bc every time there's an event with free food for the soldiers, there's always leftovers I get to have & the only beverage options they have are sodas, near beer, or water. I have access to water easily & usually drink that. I don't think a Non-alcoholic beer would satisfy my taste buds since I don't even drink real beer, and so sometimes a Coke, Sprite, or Mirinda sound like the better tasting option to go with my hot dog. And if anybody knows me, they know I gave up drinking soda in 2001. I drink 2 sodas a year if that.

But my fruit consumption has also increased! That's partly bc every restaurant I go to has mocktails made from fresh fruit. Sometimes I order a juice drink that is thick! Which is yummy but too filling with a meal. I've been drinking a lot of Guava juice lately. It used to be Mango bc that's my favorite fruit, but I've grown to love Guava.

Ok.... I think I'm done with my food rant....I could totally go on but writing this entry from my iPhone is a bit of a pain.

Until next time! I already have a future entry planned out about a "thought" that came to me when I went to Dubai about Charitable gifts, but I am going to need to dedicate time to focus writing it & want to write it on my MacBook Pro instead of my phone

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  1. You can get some great cookies at Fuddruckers :) They are located in Jabriya, very close to the Early Bird restaurant. For about a kd, you get a bag of freshly baked cookies. And they are, OH SO GOOD! :O
    Good luck :))