Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a week!

So it's been a few days since my last post. That's b/c access to the internet is limited for me b/c I do not have a laptop, don't have my own wifi USB router, and although my apartment does have internet- it costs 15KD a month and it isn't wifi based. It runs through the wire so even though my iPhone would be able to jump onto a wifi connection, my apartment doesn't have wifi.

15 KD x 3.48= $52.20 USD
1 KD = 3.48

Well, as you know I'm in Kuwait not just for leisure but b/c I have a job here! I endured three 10 hour days of classroom training. I would have to be up by 5am to be picked up by 5:40 & start training at 6am. I struggled to stay awake during some presentations. We discussed safety but the real danger here in Kuwait is the Kuwaiti drivers. No joke! These people drive in reverse on the highways if they miss their exit! Or they turn around and drive into oncoming traffic! They have no regard to any traffic laws. One lane turns into 2 lanes b/c Kuwaitis are so impatient to pass each other up. Know how they get your attention to have you move out of their way? They tailgate you (they LOVE to tailgate) and flash their brights at you to get you to move. Over here, if you give them the finger- you can get arrested.

Yesterday was my first day at work. I thought my city near the ocean was hot- boy oh boy is the Desert HOT. While we were driving, our car battery light went on, we lost power steering, and we lost our AC!!!! We kept going anyway b/c we needed to turn in the car, but it was over 122 degrees outside and we were in a car who's air conditiong had shut off, Man was that HOT!!! I was drenched in sweat....I felt so gross!

But although there are many air conditioned buildings, throughout my first day on the job I did a LOT of walking around going from building to building walking through the open desert. I was WIPED by the end of the day.

I slept all the way up until 7:45. I hung out w/ my boyfriend by walking around my apartment complex to check out the nearest bakalas (convenient stores). We bought so much stuff to eat and drink lol! But we walked in the hot heat and as much as we wanted to pull out our juice drinks to take a sip, we couldn't b/c it's Ramadan & it's illegal to eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, and show affection during day light. We ended up having a feast w/ my boyfriend and his roommate & even cooked bacon. My b/f opened the window and started cooking that pork bacon LOL!

This post probably wasn't as interesting as the others. That's b/c I've been at training. MAN are these hours are hard core.....we have a limited amount of sleep b/c we work 12+ hour days. But so far, I'm loving it! Shawn & I both have the weekend off so we're gonna explore more of Kuwait. He's going to take me to eat the BEST Indian Food in Fahaheel where there is said to be the most Indians in that city. I'm looking forward to it! I'll take lots of pics & post them up on FB

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  1. WoW. Sounds grulling. WoW Jess i truly will be praying for you that the Lord will send some cool_air.And comfort. Taking care.♥